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A Tribute To Victor J. Faggella

Our Dad garnered the respect of everyone he met and was loved by many as is evidenced by the turn out both yesterday and today. He treated everyone like family. He had a calm demeanor and a great sense of humor.

Vic Sr. was a child of parents and grandparents who emigrated from Italy. He had five sisters and was the only son (I know what that’s like). He grew up in the Bronx, in the shadow of the old Yankee Stadium (Macombs Dam Park) which is now the site of the new stadium.

He attended the prestigious Bronx High School of Science and loved playing baseball, basketball, hockey and football. I bet you didn’t know that he was a PAL (Police Athletic League) Gold Glove Boxer. I found that out the hard way when I was 18 years old. Dad volunteered at the PAL running summer programs for the younger children in his neighborhood.

My Grandfather was the superintendent of the apartment building they lived in. Dad’s jobs were to mop the floors and pull the dumbwaiters (this had some benefits as you will see!) While mopping, he made a point of whistling loudly near a certain door and banging the mop into it loudly – just to make a young lady come to see if someone was knocking. That young lady would become his wife – Teresa.

Vic Sr. attended NYU and obtained both his bachelors and master’s degrees. He began teaching Industrial Arts in the Pleasantville school system in 1952 where he spent his entire public school career of 33 years as a beloved teacher and coach. Obviously that is one place his sense of humor came in handy. I recently received an email from one of his former students that said, “Your father was an influential man in my life…he was positive and encouraging… he was helpful and instructive, he fostered my love for baseball and for that I will always be grateful. (Pleasantville HS Class of 1968).

Dad married his lovely wife Teresa in August of 1956. They had four beautiful children: Elizabeth, Victor, Maureen and Denise, to whom he was a loving and caring father. The family moved from the Bronx to Yorktown in 1962. He was an amazing grandfather and great-grandfather to Keith, Britney, Courtney, Victor, Kevin, Joey, Corey, Nikki, Andrew, Ryan and Ciaran. In 2002, Mom and Dad moved from Yorktown to Mahopac to live with Denise’s family and help raise her twin boys, Ryan and Andrew.

He had a phenomenal work ethic in every aspect of his life: teaching, coaching, and inspecting to name a few. He was instrumental in the early years of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish – he was a member of the parish council and helped to get the school built. He was an usher, lecter and a member of the Holy Name Society. He built the altar and lectern (which are still in the church today) with his own hands. He was a “giver” by nature with both his time and talent.

Dad started doing Home Inspections in the 1970’s. Even in this role he was a teacher. Vic Sr. taught me the profession to ensure that I would carry on the legacy of what we have built together. Maureen has been his office manager for 26 years.

Vic Sr. joined the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and was an important contributor to the founding chapter – New York Metro ASHI. He played many important roles during his tenure.

In 2002, Dad was recognized by the National ASHI organization for his outstanding contributions to the profession with the John E. Cox Award. In 2010, he was very proud to be able to present the very same award to me.

Dad always said, “If you want something done – give it to a busy man.” He obviously was a busy man and now it is his time to rest.

Victor J. Faggella, DAD, loved his family and was the glue that held it together. We all love him and will miss his jokes, political discussions and especially his hugs and kisses. We know that he is in a special place in Heaven with Mom, basking in God’s glory.

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